Spending time with student clarinettists is becoming increasingly fulfilling as part of my schedule. Through my research projects and chamber music performances, I’ve been evolving new ways of addressing the challenges that many younger players encounter in the journey towards personal and musical maturity. Informed equally by historical literature as well as modern science, clearer explanations have emerged for the building of secure technical foundations that happily link to a natural sense of musical expression and flow.

Historical literature reminds us how closely music and speech can be in certain repertories. Beyond the essence of the singing line and a cantabile style, the nuances of speech bring our playing to life, encourage wit and humour, and stimulate the imagination.

Within my teaching studio I aim to blend an awareness of the approaches of the past with the latest in performance and education research to ensure that your practice is as productive as it can be in the light of the busy lives we all lead.

I am particularly interested in ensuring that students understand their role in sound production and air support. Building the foundations on solid ground is essential and key to a long and successful playing career.

I teach modern and historical clarinets and chalumeaux

At the Guildhall School I am professor of early clarinets and chalumeaux

I am available for consultation lessons in my studio or via Skype

I teach and coach at the Lythe Chamber Music Course, a residential 5-day summer programme

In my private studio I work with students at different stages of development on any clarinet.

Please contact me via this website for more information. I’d be delighted to explore ways of helping you meet your clarinet-playing goals!




1 thought on “Teacher

  1. Franziska Leupold

    Dear Mrs Booth,
    My name is Franziska Leupold and I am a violin student of Jacqueline Ross at the GSMD. I am in my fourth year in Germany were I study normally and now study for two Erasmus terms in London. I learned to play the baroque violin at my home university with my teacher Christine Busch and would really like to continue historical performances during my studies at Guildhall School. Jacqueline Ross told me to ask you if it is possible to join the baroque orchestra or any historical performance ensemble. It would be possible for me to rent a baroque instrument. I would be very glad to have the opportunity of playing in a baroque ensemble.
    All best wishes,
    Franziska Leupold


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