An epic week….

This week has been a whirlwind of thinking, talking and doing. So much new and insightful information has come my way for which I’m truly grateful – feeling very nourished. And on top of it all a terrific concert last night with the very beautiful Mass in C (Beethoven) brilliantly conducted by Rufus Frowde. If that wasn’t enough, I had a ball playing Mozart’s Concerto for basset clarinet. I’d like to offer serious thanks to Joseph Sanders, John Kelsey, Diane Terry and especially to John Irving – each one of you made a significant contribution to that performance.

Jane and Clarinets08 002.jpg

1 thought on “An epic week….


    Hi Jane, good to speak to you today as I was at your QEH/OAE wind ensemble concert.
    In your Finchcocks Kegelstatt film you express how highly you value your performance growing beyond the score, encouraged to do so my Mozart himself; this empowerment from the score I value very highly too. Recently I have been challenging my students (and myself) to keep in closer, more intimate contact with our inner feelings as we play. With a composer of Mozart’s deep emotional integrity, this can be deeply empowering & challenging.
    Fascinating to hear you sharing your engagement with these issues live on the QEH stage.
    I look forward to our next meeting
    xxx Joe


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