Monthly Archives: October 2014

An epic week….

This week has been a whirlwind of thinking, talking and doing. So much new and insightful information has come my way for which I’m truly grateful – feeling very nourished. And on top of it all a terrific concert last night with the very beautiful Mass in C (Beethoven) brilliantly conducted by Rufus Frowde. If that wasn’t enough, I had a ball playing Mozart’s Concerto for basset clarinet. I’d like to offer serious thanks to Joseph Sanders, John Kelsey, Diane Terry and especially to John Irving – each one of you made a significant contribution to that performance.

Jane and Clarinets08 002.jpg

Return to Finchcocks

Thanks to Steven Devine, Katrina and Dick Burnett and to the ‘behind the scenes’ team (Alastair for tuning and Graeme for supper) at Finchcoks. We loved playing for you in the beautiful hall. Such a perfect setting for period chamber music!